Our Approach

We support trailblazing women who want to

‘do B2B sales’


We  encourage and empower women who sell to show up, step up and speak up.

  • We help you own the WOMEN part of your business world and everything that goes with being collaborative, feminine and female in a largely alpha-male business world.
  • We focus on the WHO part of your internal dialogue. Because who you are and who you need to be is central to your executive presence.
  • We teach you how to execute the SELL part of your role more effectively so that your unique values and style allow a purposeful and profitable commercial message to be delivered.

Your clients won’t find you focusing on ‘the close’ nor will they find you fluffing around with small-talk. They won’t see a walkover bimbo, nor will they see a hard-nosed bitch. They will see someone who is intelligent, bold and brilliant.

You won’t need to worry about justifying or discounting your value because buyers and peers will see it, hear it and notice it.

You will have confidence to sit at the table, ask for what you want, put forward your suggestions with conviction and move forward with certainty and poise.

The RESULT? You will make a difference. Period.

Facts that fuel The Hive’s mission for more professional women to ‘step up, show up and speak up’ in the world of B2B sales


Percent of women are in the average sales team


Percent of women are sales managers


Percent of women globally are buyers


Percent of women are more likely to have lower self esteem

Our Services

Thrive at 'The Hive'

Connection with each other is crucial to our overall survival. The community within ‘The Hive’, as we have aptly called this hub of activity, relies on a combination of shared purpose, supportive connections and executable strategies that ensure our overall growth.   See more .

Speaking of Success

Everyone needs to hear a fresh voice, a different perspective and a range of challenging questions to answer. Join us as we invite a select group of ‘female sales leaders’ to provide that voice, perspective and those questions to challenge us. See more.  

From Sounding Board to Spring Board

The Hive’s Board members have been both where you are and where you want to go. Their purpose is to give back, to share their individual and collective stories and learnings to help you grow and thrive. These unique round tables will take your results to a totally different level. See more.

Women, Wine and Wealth

Social Meet-Ups for rock star women who sell and corporate sales superstars. Either way you will leave with an approach to your life and business outcomes that will see you more influential, disruptive and powerful because we all want choices that position us for ongoing success. See more .

  • If you have knowledge, let others light
    their candles in it.

    Margaret Fuller
  • I think the key is for women not to set any limits.

    Martina Navratilova
  • For what is done or learned by one class of women becomes, by virtue of their common womanhood, the property of all women.

    Elizabeth Blackwell

A Very Warm Welcome and The ‘Women Who Sell’ Story…..


‘Women Who Sell’ was an idea, a dream that was borne when I began receiving coffee invitations from women in sales roles who wanted to connect with me to simply connect with another woman in the sales space because they had no other vehicle to support them.

This idea was supported by my sisters from the USA and Canada through the ‘Women Sales Pros‘ sisterhood – a group which provides an environment of collaboration, support and fun for women in the sales space. It was on one of my annual trips to the USA with these women that triggered my own dream to support women who sell within Australia, as there is no other channel for the B2B sales sisterhood. Like anything change can be scary – but I stepped forward.

Women Who Sell had their first collaborative meeting we called ‘The Hive’ in 2014 and it consisted of nine women – over time we waved goodbye to a couple who weren’t suited to the concept and others moved in different directions, however a core of 5 women with the same dream to support you, have now formed The Hive Board. It is through this combined purpose that we wish to champion you and women like you.

As a salesperson, leader, mother and woman in business, I totally get it!!

Being a single mum with a mortgage I relied on my sales results to keep a roof over my head. Initially, I was told I didn’t have what it took to make it in sales because I was ‘too nice’. I was given the role under sufferance but based on the lack of support, felt I could never ask for help. I worked with men, had no female mentors and was in a culture that didn’t understand the needs of women in business. I detested the manipulative ‘sales process’ and thought there was something wrong with my skills and abilities because I didn’t get my energy off the hunt like the guys did.

I second guessed myself yet I loved what I did. I was also a woman who reached the top of my field, who found my knight on his white horse, who brought up two children in the peak of my career and have never apologized for either lifestyle.

My obsession, my passion, is to disrupt the B2B sales profession by bringing more humanity into business and that includes helping those WOMEN WHO SELL to be more effective and successful. Women like you. Women who are ChangeMakers. Women who strive to move forward within themselves, use their voice and not sit in the shadows. Women who want to be comfortable in their own skin and also be successful – however you wish to define success.

We look forward to welcoming you 🙂

With Warmest Regards



Bernadette McClelland

Founder, Women Who Sell

Join us as we help you build you even more!

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